Midnight House – Korean Charcoal BBQ


What do you do when you have a craving for good honest Korean BBQ? You can make your way down to Robertson Quay and try this place out. It’s a humble little outfit with less than 15 tables, and seemed to be run by a couple of siblings.


I was driving down Mohammed Sultan road one evening hunting for food and this quaint restaurant caught my eye. The decor is simple with huge glass panels and black interior, which reminds me of a BBQ place I enjoyed in Seoul. It is directly opposite The Wine Connexion, and there is a carpark nearby if you can’t find lots along the road.


I wouldn’t say it is super fantastic but this place gives me an authentic Korean BBQ feel, up to the sesame oil with salt & pepper dip. The prices are expected of most Korean restaurants in Singapore.


There are many Korean BBQ buffets in Singapore lately, but this is not one of them. You order what you like ala-carte from the menu and they will serve you with the usual starter dishes including kimchi. Everyone gets a metal serving plate with sections to put your dips, etc. Your order comes with a serving of steamed egg in a traditional ceramic hotpot.


We ordered pork belly, beef steak and the greedy me ordered a portion of chicken bulgogi as well. I love the sound and sight of meat sizzling on the grill… *drools*


The wait staff will help you put the meat on the grill as well as the sliced garlic. You can wait for them to come back to your table or you can flip the meat yourselves to choose how well you want them to be done. I naturally attended to it myself as I do not like my steak overdone.


You should wrap the meat with the fresh vegetables, but not before dipping it in some sesame salt & pepper mix, and add a piece of grilled garlic (have to be nicely cooked else the raw taste is super sharp) and marinated sliced onions. Optional to add the red sauce.


Needless to say, I enjoyed my meal enough to write this review. Hope you do too 🙂




Midnight House – Korean Charcoal BBQ
33 Mohammed Sultan Road
Singapore 238977


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